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All of your start-ups are developed in cooperation with insiders from specialized markets, in order to safeguard an existing demand for our proposed solutions.

AireenArtificial intelligence for diagnosing glaucoma, diabetes and AMD.

A technological tool, which assists doctors in diagnosis with the aid of artificial intelligence. Thanks to Aireen, the doctor is able to timely and accurately determine whether his patient suffers from a serious illness.

FiddoA mobile app for all dog lovers

Application for smartphones and tablets intended for the dog community. The app helps with finding a lost dog and points you towards the closest obedience class, vet or dog salon. It educates, unites and entertains.

MoleculaDrug search algorithm based on the amount of active substance

Molecula is an algorithm developed with the purpose of customer protection in the purchase of non-recipe drugs, offering personalization of search results.

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