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Reach hundreds of thousands of customers with us on a monthly basis via an appropriately selected outdoor ad. We provide exclusive sites for your advertising on Prague’s main routes.

Our three types of OOH media to choose from.

Big Boards

Large format for outdoor advertising with the possibility of lighting available in areas with traffic during peak times.

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Digi Board

Advertising boards displaying your ad via LED technology. Ensures higher visibility, attractive colouring, moving images allowing for swift and simple content exchange. (one promo – more products)

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Double Big

Its advantage resides in its size. It is twice the size of a classic Big Board. All our Double Bigs are placed within a minimal traffic of 14 500 cars per day.

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Technology Lab

We are constantly working to innovate our out of home media

Currently we have equipped selected media with a camera with a built-in Object and Face recognition system, due to which we are capable of measuring a performance of advertising message for Out of Home media and Retail display communication.

Technology Lab

Object Recognition

Thanks to the Object recognition system we are able to measure the traffic in the DigiBoards proximity, recognize a manufacturer and model of a car, from which the driver observes the advertising message, as well as capture the eye contact of the driver and co-driver with the board.

Technology Lab


Face recognition system installed into ad displays for Retail allows for anonymization of collected data and their use for personalization of advertising message based on mood, age or gender of a shop visitor.

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